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We offer a comprehensive menu of tests covering complement activation in autoimmune diseases, including proprietary diagnostic testing for Cell-Bound Complement Activation Products; BC4d, and EC4d.

These biomarkers are the most reliable, sensitive and stable indicators of the complement activation system, which is central to the lupus disease process and critical in early diagnosis & monitoring of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), lupus nephritis, autoimmune and many more inflammatory and complement mediated diseases. Areas of support include:


Flexible Discovery & Development Services

  • Biomarker discovery & development services
  • Fully equipped laboratory where our staff is experienced in proteomics & genomics
  • Comprehensive bioinformatics and specialized meta-omics analysis leveraging AI and machine-learning
  • Robust testing, assay development & automation, customizable for your specific targets 
of interest
  • Expertise in proteomic and genomic techniques, adaptable to support your research and testing needs
    • ELISA
    • IIF (Indirect immunofluorescence)
    • Flow Cytometry
    • CIA (chemiluminescence)
    • Turbidimetry
    • Mass Spectrometry
    • Clinical Chemistry Analysis
    • Ultra-sensitive biomarker detection (Quanterix)
    • Nucleic acid extraction (DNA/RNA) from blood and tissues
    • qPCR, RT PCR based biomarker testing
    • NGS testing, including total RNASeq and AmpliSeq for targets of interest
  • Specimen types: blood, plasma, serum, extracted DNA, RNA & urine
  • Established SLE bio-bank with millions of analyzed data points

Clinical Trials Phases I, II, III & IV

  • Clinical trial testing support with customizable services including reflex testing capabilities & quantification
  • Expert data analysis & data transfer your way, on your schedule
  • Dedicated trial staff to support site set-up & training
  • Clinical affairs staff for peer-to-peer technical and consultative support
  • Disease monitoring post-FDA approval with longitudinal testing & analysis for real-world evidence
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  • Rheumatology-focused sales team covering the autoimmune space
  • Recognized & respected in autoimmune testing, therapy, evaluation & monitoring
  • Leverage Exagen specialized testing as a therapy complement
  • Expert sales team can support your commercialization plans as a strategic partner with co-promotion & co-marketing
  • Targeted sales insight on practices with newly diagnosed patients for timely physician detailing
  • Exagen monitoring testing can be used to optimize patient therapy

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