Lupus Nephritis

Uncover what other tests can't see with AVISE® SLE Monitor, the most advanced autoimmune testing available.

AVISE SLE Monitor is an advanced SLE monitoring test comprised of six specialized biomarkers including patented EC4d, to help assess patients with SLE.

AVISE SLE Monitor is composed of the following biomarkers

Biomarkers associated with SLE disease activity

Biomarkers associated with adverse events in SLE

Clinical Utility:

AVISE SLE Monitor Test Report

The AVISE SLE Monitor test should be considered any time the condition of an SLE patient is being assessed.

AVISE SLE Monitor Test Report
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If the patient is also being monitored with AVISE® HCQ, the AVISE SLE Monitor test report will also include an AVISE HCQ test result page.


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