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Data analytics expertise


Expertise in Comprehensive Bioinformatics and Specialized Meta-Omics Analysis

Our skilled team has substantial experience across genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, and microbiome analysis, leveraging this knowledge to meticulously drive projects to success.

With our in-depth bioinformatics proficiency, we speed up your research and decision-making processes, making personalized medicine a reality with our unique meta-omics analysis. 

Our seasoned professionals deftly handle a wide array of bioinformatics tasks, including genome analysis, genetic variation interpretation, molecular modeling, and protein function prediction. We've worked with leading research institutions and pharmaceutical companies to unlock the mysteries hidden in complex datasets, leading to breakthrough discoveries. 


Robust Statistical Analysis and Data Interpretation

Our team employs diverse hypothesis testing methods to transform raw data into comprehensive, actionable scientific and medical insights.

Leverage our robust statistical analysis and data interpretation services to elevate your data to a strategic asset and make informed, data-driven decisions.

We use techniques like regression analysis, hypothesis testing, multivariate analysis, survival analysis, and predictive modeling to extract insightful findings from complex biological datasets. Our work in the field of autoimmune diseases has led to advancements in understanding patient monitoring and responses to novel treatments.


Enterprise-Level Advanced Machine Learning and Generative AI Operations

In collaboration with DataRobot, we deploy cutting-edge AI techniques to augment our predictive modeling and pattern recognition capabilities.

Unlock the hidden potential of your data with our advanced machine learning and generative AI capabilities.

Our AI operations enhance efficiency and accuracy by facilitating automated machine learning and reducing overfitting events. By leveraging generative AI, we have helped businesses streamline their operations and unlock new growth avenues.


Impressive Data Portfolio

Our data portfolio includes more than 1.5 million analyzed data points spanning over 20 years, covering unique biomarkers and associated autoimmune diseases measured in our lab. We have data from over 800,000 unique patients from more than 7,500 ordering providers.

Our comprehensive data portfolio enables precise and wide-ranging analyses, transitioning from population-based treatments to personalized medicine.

Our substantial data assets and analysis experience enable us to handle projects of any scale or complexity, providing you with actionable insights and custom solutions that propel your research or business forward. We've assisted numerous clients in transforming their businesses, navigating the complexities of the healthcare landscape to drive innovation and progress.

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