Clinical Trial Support


Clinical Trials Phases I, II, III & IV

  • Clinical trial testing support with customizable services, including bespoke assay development capabilities
  • Experienced data analysis team & robust information systems team provide your data transfer your way, on your schedule
  • Dedicated trial staff to support seamless workflow integration
  • Clinical affairs staff available for peer-to-peer technical and consultative support
  • Support for post-FDA approved post-marketing studies with longitudinal testing & analysis for real-world evidence

We know clinical trials & our dedicated clinical trials staff is here to help

The work to develop new drugs to address rare diseases is life changing for affected patients. It is with the patient in mind that we deliver Clinical Trial testing with trusted, high-quality results and fast turn-around-time. Our team is here to help you throughout the process to support your trial in ways that align to your unique needs.

  • Our dedicated team aligns with your planning and execution oversight to ensure all workflow processes are tested and validated for your research requirements
  • We support each site by providing seamless supply fulfillment and provide efficient training to ensure sample handling aligns with your clinical trial needs
  • Clinical trial samples are sent to our lab with pre-paid overnight shipping and easy-to-follow sample handling instructions
  • Our lab staff trains on the clinical trial’s specific accessioning and handling needs and trained staff quickly addresses anomalies to ensure proper handling
  • Turnaround time (TAT) is important, and results can be provided at the speed and frequency required by your clinical trial needs
  • Data is securely shared based on your requirements, your format, your schedule
  • We partner with your team to foster regular communication to track goals and 
preempt challenges

Patient diagnosis and monitoring

Autoimmune, inflammatory and complement-mediated diseases can benefit from objective measurements of the complement cascade for careful assessment of biologically relevant biomarkers.

  • Patient selection and monitoring criteria from disease specific clinical assessments can be combined with data to support your trial objectives
  • Patient selection can be objectivized by stratifying patients according to innovative complement biomarkers
  • Patient monitoring using complementary testing can support objective criteria for:
    • Therapy continuation
    • Dosing adjustment indication due to suboptimal patient response
    • Consider alternative therapies due to patient non-response

Expert Data Team

In the fast-paced realm of science and technology, the effective application of bioinformatics, machine learning and generative AI is transformative. Our holistic solutions in the complex complement space are dramatically supported by industry-leading technology and extensive domain knowledge, unlocking the full potential of data.

Supporting discovery, development, and clinical trials with actionable insights.

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